October 5th, 6th & 7th, 2023.


UNAM, part of the distinguished group of the top 100 universities in the world.

It is ranked 93rd out of more than 1,500 higher education institutions from 14 countries evaluated worldwide.

It is the most important and best ranked event worldwide, that gathers the most talented and expert minds on disciplinary, formative, and professional topics around Social Work.

The congress will be hosted at the National School of SocialWork (ENTS, by its acronym in Spanish)
in the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Moreover, this event will commemorate the
50th anniversary of the ENTS.

Subject axis:

Social Work towars major social, local and international conflicts.

From the classic theoretical and methodological insights, to the contemporary ones.

Agenda for 2030. Participation strategies, and incidence of the Social Work within the Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS, by its acronym in spanish).

Local and International social inclusive processes.

Strengthening the disciplinary construction, from the formative processes of the Social Work.


Master classes

Round tables




Cultural events

Books and crafts sale

Touristic Agenda

Digital poster exhibition

Organizing Institutions

International Association of Schools of Social Work.

National School of Social Work, by the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Faculty of Social Work, Complutense University of Madrid.

Latin American Association of Social Work Education and Research.

UNAM Foundation.

Steering Committee

Carmen G. Casas Ratia (MA)
ENTS Principal, and President of RENIESTS (Mexico).
PhD. Annamaria Campanini

IASSW President.

PhD. Sonia Brito

ALAEITS President.

PhD. Aurora Castillo Charfolet  

Complutense University of Madrid.

Scientific Committee

Barbara Shank

Blanca Girela

Carmen Miguel Vicente

Christian Reutlinger

Christine Walsh

Ciwang Teyra
(Truku Nation, Taiwan)

Enrique Pastor

Johannes Kniffki

Margarita Rozas Pagaza

Mark J. Eddy

María de Jesús López Amador

Nelia Tello Peón

Rosalie Quilicol

Sharon G. Borja

Sibonsile Zerurcia Zibane
(South Africa)

Sonia Brito

Pedro Isnardo de la Cruz
(Executive Secretary, Mexico)

Organizing Committee

National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM, by it's acronym in spanish)

Efraín E. Reyes Romero (MA)
María Eunice García Zúñiga (MA)
Roxana D. Medina Guzmán, Bachelor

Fundación UNAM (UNAM Foundation, by it's translation in english)

Araceli Rodríguez González, Executive Director

School of Social Work, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (USA)

Luis R. Torres Hostos, Director

Place: Palacio de Minería
(Palace of mining, by it's translation in english)

An historical site, which is part of the artistic and cultural heritage of Mexico, but also of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. This neoclassical site has held diverse international academic events.

Tacuba No. 5, Centro Histórico Centro, Cuauhtémoc, 06000, Ciudad de México, México.




Welcome and Introduction


Hire slow, fire fast

This is an old concept in business that you should hire slow and fire quickly. It means that you should take your time when bringing someone into your organization. On the flip-side, if it's not working out, let the person go without delay. 

Panel discusion: Calvin Howards & Richard Alonderbridge  

Evaluating leaders: what is a good leader and how do we know it?

Effective leaders inspire and empower their team members to become the best they can be, as well as achieve common goals. But how do you define a good leader? What are their universal traits and skills that ensure their success?

Panel discusion: Nicolle Zagrebbing  & Robert Clarisson


Unconference topics brainstorm

Think of topics that you want to learn more about and let us know.


Voting on topics to choose the top 3-5




Smaller group discussions




Groups share their summaries

The topic owner of the group presents the main outcomes of their group discussion. 


End of Heroes United Unconference

Discuss the results and the overall takeaways of this event. Agree on who will own the next Heroes United event. 

Talk with some of the best HR specialists

11th June | Zoom Webinar